Govt ADW Hostels Details

Sl. No Name of Hostel Nature of the Hostel (Whether College-Boys/Girls or School-Boys/Girls) Location of the Hostel Sanctioned strength of inmates whether functioning in Government Building
(Or) Rented Building
1 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Palayamkottai. College Boys New Bus Stand. Palayamkottai 155 Government
2 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Tirunelvelil Junction Boys Poompuhar Backside, Tirunelveli Junction 40 Government
3 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Manur. Boys Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Manur 50 Government
4 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Pettai Boys Cheranmahadevi Road, Pettai. 30 Government
5 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Nallammalpuram Boys Tenkalam post. Nallammalpuram 80 Rented
6 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Gangaikondan Boys Thuraiyoor Gangaikondan. 30 Government
7 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW)Kallur. Boys Cheranmahadevi Road, Kallur. 50 Government
8 Govt. Dr.Ambedcar Boys Hostel (ADW) .Palayamkottai Boys Near New Bus Stand, Palayankottai. 97 Government
9 Govt. Boys PG Hostel (ADW)Palayamkottai. College Boys Near New Bus Stand, Palayankottai 50 Government
10 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Pettai. College Boys Cheranmahadevi Road, Pettai. 54 Government
11 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Reddiyarpatti. Palayamkottai Boys Govt. Hr. Sec.School Campus, Reddiyarpatti. 65 Government
12 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Nallammalpuram Girls Tenkalam Nallammalpuram 95 Rented
13 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Tirunelveli Town. Girls Akilandapuram, Thenpathu. 70 Government
14 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Manur. Girls Govt. Boys Hostel Manur 65 Government
15 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Kulavanigarpuram. Girls Kulavanigarpuram, Palayamkottai. 50 Rented
16 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Palayamkottai College Girls Lankarkana Street, Murugankurichi, Palayamkottai. 63 Government
17 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Pettai. College Girls Gandhi Nagar, Tirunelveli. 65 Government
18 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Thulukkarpatti. Girls Mathavakurichi, Thulukkarpatti. 50 Government
19 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Palayamkottai. Girls South Bazaar Road, Near Century Hall, Palayamkottai. 180 Government
20 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Tirunelveli Junction College Boys New Bus Stand. Palayamkottai 50 Government
21 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Ambasamudram Boys Theerthapathi School Campus, Ambasamudram. 50 Government
22 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Kallidaikurichi Boys Ponma Nagar, Kallidaikurichi. 110 Government
23 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Sivanthipuram Boys Agasthiyarpatti Sivanthipuram627416 50 Government
24 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Veeravanallur. Girls Ambedcar Street, Veeravanallur. 60 Government
25 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Ambasamudram Girls AVRMV Govt. Girls Hr. Sec. School Tilagar Nagar Ambasamudram
627 401
95 Rented
26 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Cheranmahadevi Girls South Railway Feeder Road, Cherai 627414 45 Government
27 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Vadakkankulam Boys Mission 2nd Street, Vadakkankulam 50 Government
28 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Radhapuram Boys Radhapuram 627 111 75 Government
29 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Moolakkaraipatti Boys Main Road, Naguneri Moolakariapatti 627354 50 Government
30 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Valliyoor. Girls Lutharan Nagar, Valliyoor. 627 117 50 Government
31 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Valliyoor. Boys Kottaiyadi, Valliyoor. 627 117 30 Government
32 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Radhapuram Girls Periyar Street, Radhapuram 50 Government
33 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Eruvadi. Girls Sesaiahpuram. South Street, Eruvadi 627 103 50 Government
34 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Kalakadu Girls 1-1A Sarojinipuram Kalakadu 627 501 40 Government
35 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Vadakkankulam Girls Near Govt. Hospital Vadakkankulam 627116 45 Government
36 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Ittamozhi Girls Joseph Hr. Sec. School Campus 50 Rented
37 Govt. Boys Hostel (ADW) Eruvadi Boys Donavur Road, Eruvadi 627103 30 Government
38 Govt. Girls Hostel (ADW) Panagudi. Girls Baskarapuram Panagudi 627 109. 35 Rented
39 Govt, Boys Hostel (ADW) Kadambankulam Boys Kadambankulam 50 Government
39 Govt, Boys Hostel (ADW) Kadambankulam Boys Kadambankulam 50 Government
40 Govt, Boys Hostel (ADW) Melailanthaikulam Boys Melailanthaikulam 50 Government