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Tirunelveli also known as Nellai and historically as Tinnevelly, is a major district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Tirunelveli city is the administrative headquarters of the Tirunelveli District. Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation is the sixth-largest municipal corporation in the state of Tamil Nadu. The name Tirunelveli has been composed of the three Tamil words i.e. ‘Thiru – Nel – Veli’ meaning Sacred Paddy Hedge. With effect from 20.10.1986, the district was bifurcated and a new Tuticorin District was formed and also with effect from 12.11.2019, the district was bifurcated and a new Tenkasi District was also formed. Now Tirunelveli District has a geographical area of 3876.06 sq. km, in the Southeastern portion of Tamil Nadu is triangular in shape. It lies between 8°.14’ and 9°.07’ of the Northern latitude and 77°.17’ and 77°.97’ of Eastern longitude. The Tirunelveli Sthalapurana prescribes a tradition for the origin of the name Tirunelveli. The puranic version goes that one Vedasarma, a staunch devotee of Shiva, on his pilgrimage from the North to the South was invited by Lord Shiva in his dream to his abode on the banks of the sacred river Tamiraparani.
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Karthikeyan IAS
Dr. K. P. Karthikeyan, I.A.S., District Collector

District At a Glance

General :
District : Tirunelveli
Head Quarters : Tirunelveli
State : Tamil Nadu

Area :
Total : 3876.06 Sq.Kms
Rural : 2923.25 Sq.Kms
Urban :  115.23 Sq.Kms
Forest : 837.58 Sq.Kms

Population : As of Census-2011 (Combined Tirunelveli and Tenkasi Districts)
Total : 33,22,644
Male : 16,42,403
Female : 16,80,241