Block Resource Centre (BRC)

Success story of a Differently Abled Child

M. Thasfika was identified as a Mentally Retarded (MR) and Cerebral Palsy(CP) affected child. She is 14 year old. She is residing at Melapalayam. Her parents are daily wages.She has three brothers and one sister.she was admitted in the resource centre at Municipal Primary school, Kurichi in BRC Palaiyamkottai Urban. In this resource centre, more than 20 students are given special training on every Monday and Friday by the Physiotherapist. The special teachers train these children every day. The special training is given to all types of differently abled children in this centre.There is a great improvement observed in Thasfika after the continuous training given by special teachers and physiotherapist

Identified stage

Thasfika was looked after well by her mother. Her mother implements home the training at home given by the special teachers and the class teacher at the resource centre.

Last Academic Year (2015-16)

She was admitted in Day Care Centre, Municipal Primary School, Kurichi. She could sit only with the support of her mother and used to crawl. The special teachers continuously gave the training with the following activities and exercises

  1. Making beads
  2. Walking with the support of parallel bar
  3. Move the hands forward and backward with the support of pronator, supinator.
  4. Walking alone with the walker
  5. Fold the fingers with the help of finger grip and exerciser.
  6. Through Angle exerciser for strengthening legs and muscles.
  7. With static cycle, training is given for the legs.
  8. For standing straight, training given by balance board.

Present academic year (2017-18)

Special training has been given by the special teacher from the beginning in this academic year. Extra care was given for her. Because of this continuous and intensive effort, Thasfika is now able to walk using baby walker. This improvement encourages and gives confidence to the special teacher. They hope that other children can be improved like Thasfika.

Voice of Thasfika Mother

My daughter has been attending the resource room for two years. She has improved a lot because of continuous training. The resource room has many apparatus to provide exercise. My daughter is trained through these apparatus by SSA.