PWD Thambraparani Irrigation System

Thambraparani Irrigation System

Thambraparani river is one o the Perennial river in Tamilnadu State.Thambraparani river is originating from Pothigai hills of Tirunelveli District and confluences into Sea at Punnakkayal of Thoothukudi district.The total length of Thambraparani river is 128 KM.(Tirunelveli District – 84 K.m Thoothukudi district = 44 K.M)

Irrigation System

Thambraparani river irrigation system consists of 8 Anicuts and 11 Channels.

The 8 Anicuts are

  1. Kodaimelalagian Anicut
  2. Nadhiyunni Anicut
  3. Kannadian Anicut
  4. Ariyanayagipuram Anicut
  5. Palavoor Anicut
  6. Suthamalli Anicut
  7. Marudur Anicut
  8. Srivaikuntam Anicut

`Among these,First 6 Anicuts are situated in Tirunelveli District and 2 Anicuts are situated in Thoothukudi District.

The 11 Channels are

  1. North Kodaimelalagian channel
  2. South Kodaimelalagian channel
  3. Northiyunni channel
  4. Kannadian channel
  5. Kodagan channel
  6. Palayam channel
  7. Tirunelveli channel
  8. Marudur Keelakkal channel
  9. Marudur Melakkal channel
  10. North Main channel
  11. South Main Channel

Among these,7 channels are situated in Tirunelveli District and 4 channels are situated in Thoothukudi District.

The total No of Irrigation tanks under this system is 186 among this,133 No of tanks are situated in Tirunelveli District and 53 No of Tanks are situated in Thoothukudi District.The Total Ayacut benefited by Thambraparani Irrigation system is 86107 Acres.(Tirunelveli District = 40000 Acres : Thoothukudi District = 46107 Acres) Apart from the Irrigation purpose,the Thambraparani river water is being utilized for various drinking water schemes which are making benefits to the people of Tirunelveli,Thoothukudi and Virudunagar Districts.The Combined water supply schemes are maintained by the Tamilnadu Water Supply & Drainage Board and the indivisual water supply schemes are maintained by the Local authorities.Moreover, Several Industries in Tirunelveli & Thoothukudi Districts are getting water from Thambraparani river by various Government orders already stipulated specifically.

The Extract of Thambraparani irrigation system is furnished below

Extract of Thambraparani irrigation system
District No.of Anicuts No.of Channels No.of Tanks Ayacut Benefitted (in Acres)
Tirunelveli 6 7 133 40000.00
Thoothukudi 2 4 53 46107.00
Total 8 11 186 86107.00

Cropping Pattern

Generally 3 Type of irrigation seasons are adopted in Thambraparani irrigation system. They are

Type of irrigation seasons
Season Period
Pishanam Cultivation October to March
Advance Cutivation April to may
Kar Cultivation June to September

Among this,the Pishanam cultivation is the main and major cultivation period which is making utility to all of the farmers spreaded in the whole 86107 Acres of Ayacut.Depending upon the storage position of Dams and in Tanks during April the advance kar Cultivation and kar Cultivation would be announced to the limitations at the appropriate periods.
The main cropping adopted in Thambraparani system is Paddy and the supplemental cropping is Banana cultivation.