Arulmigu Thirukkutralanathasamy Temple,Courtallam

Arulmigu Thirukkutralanathasamy Temple
Decription Name
God Arulmigu Thirkkutralanathar
Goddess Arultharum Kuzhalvoimozhi
Theertham Sivamathu Ganga Theertham (Peraruvi)
Sthala Vriksham Kurumbala tree
Agamam Maguda Agamum
Sakthi Peetam Dharani Peetam – Sri Parasakthi Peetam
Sabai Chitrasabai

Historical Significance

Courtallam temple side view

There is news about pothigai Hills in Sangam literature.Courtallam is considered as one of the towns of Sangam period.Though it was under the rule of Aoi Andren,the chola King Kochenkannan planted the sthalavriksham.All these prove that Kutralanathar workship has been in practice since Sanga Period.In “Sivaperuman Anthathi” written by Kabilar in Pallava Period,the natural ambience of Courtallam and the popularity of Kutralanathar are referred to.It also Proves the name and fame of Courtallam and the temple even then.

Puranic Significance

According to the Puranas,the temple was a Vaishnavite temple.Sage Agasthiar,by shrinking the image of Vishnu,converted into Kutralanathar temple.So the deity has permanent head-ache and to cure it,abisheka is performed every evening with 64 herbs.Moreover,during the pooja at night a concoction of herb is prepared as Prasadam.The conch shape of the temple indicates that it was a vaishnative temple.Since conch is sacred to vaishnavites.

Importance of Inscriptions

There are 89 inscriptions (Kalvet) in Thirukutralanathar temple.10 inscriptions belonging to the period of the cholaking ParakesariVarman and Paranthahan,the first are found.Only the first inscription refers to the God as Thirukkutrala Perumal and those belonging to the later period refer to the God as Kutralathevan and Madevan.The reference to the date of the solar eclipse in the inscriptions indicates that the historians calculated the kings dynasty on its basis.The Practice of donating Gold,Money,Cow,Sheep and Buffalo also finds a reference in them.Since the name Perumal is found only in the inscriptions of this chola King,it may be inferred that there were both the shrines of Lord Perumal and Lord Siva.

Literary Importance

Painting of Nataraja

The Thevara Songs written during the Pallava Kings alone mention about he town Courtallam and the God.Appar, Sundarar, Gnanasambandhar and Manikkavasahar, the four great poets, have sung about this this place.The name Courtallam gets the first mention only in Thevaram songs.Books sacred to sarities-Thevaram,Thiruvasagam, Thirukovaiar, Siva Peruman Thiruvanthathi and Peria puram-refer to him as koothan residing in courtallam.The Poets of Nayakkar period like Pattinathar, Arunagirinathar also have written about the God of Courtallam.Thrikooda Rasappa Kavirayar has sung of Kutralanathar and Kuzhalvoimozhi Amman in fourteen Chitrilakkiams.

Time at which the temple is open

From 6.00 A.M to 12 Noon
From 4.30 P.M to 8 P.M

Pooja Times

Pooja for eight times (ettu kala pooja) are performed as per Magudagamum.

Pooja Timings
Pooja Timing
Thiruvananthal 6.00 A.M
Uthayamarthandam 7.00 A.M
Vila Pooja 8.00 A.M
Sirukala Sandhi 9.00 A.M
Kala Sandhi 10.00 A.M
Utchi Kalam 12.00 Noon
Sayaratchai 6.00 P.M
Arthasamam 8.00 P.M


Festival Duration
Festival Duration
Chithrai Vishu Thirunal 10 days
Aippasi Vishu Thirunal 10 days
Margazhi Thiruvathirai Thirunal 10 days
Navarathri Thirunal 9 days
Adi Ammavasai Patthira Theepa Thirunal 1 day
Avani Moola Thirunal 1 day
Aippasi Thirukkalyana Thirunal 1 day
Kandha Shasti Thirunal 6 days
Karthigai Theepa Thirunal 1 day
Thai Maha Theppa Thirunal 1 day
Masi Matha Sivarathiri 1 day
Panguni Uthira Thirunal 1 day

Chithrai Vishu Thirunal, Aippasi Vishu Thirunal, Margazhi Thiruvathirai Thirunal and Theppa Thirunal are Special Festivals of the temple.


  • The Worshippers are redeemed of their sins.
  • The Worshippers are blessed with every thing they pray for.
  • The devotees doing Sandal abishekam for God Manakkolanathar get married soon.

Temple Cars

Car of Courtallam temple

There are five temple cars and it is the speciality of this temple.

  1. Arulmigu Vinayagar Car
  2. Arulmigu Murugar Car
  3. Arulmigu Natarajar Car
  4. Arulmigu Swami Car
  5. Arulmigu Amman Car

Chitra Sabha

Painting in Chitra sabha

Lord Natarajan has danced in five Sabhas and Chitrasabha is one among the Pancha Sabhas.This is situated on the northern side of kutralanatha temple.The roof of Chitra Sabha is made up of copper plates and its interior is decorated with paintings with natural dyes out of herbs.Parakirama Pandiyan (1422 – 1483 AD) started the work for chitrasabha and if is presumed that Uthayamarthanda Varman Completed it.As it is the dancing hall of Lord Shiva,we find statues of dancing girls bedecked with jewels as if welcoming, on the stages of mandapas on both the sides of the entrance. There is a statue of a singer with the musical instrument.Wooden carvings are seen on the doors at the entrance. Sakthi Peetam, feeding Goddess Parvathi Devi, Kannan with flute, Agabatha Moorthy, the God of the South, Veerapathirar, Murugar, Pillayar, Meenakshi, Kajendra Moksha katchi, Visabaruder,Kangalar Ravana Arugraha Moorthi and Siva kicking Yama are the figures of deities.In addition Sculptures of kings and of incidents from purana are also found there.

Shenbaga Devi Amman Temple

This temple on mountain is five kilometers away from Kutralanathar temple.Only after the Pooja for the Goddess here,festivals of Thirukutralanathar temple begin.During Full Moon day of Chitrai Month ten days festivals is celebrated for Shenbaga Devi Amman.


Under the Annadhana Scheme of the Honorable Chief Minister Annadhanam is arranged at 12 O’ Clock for 100 members daily during the Saral Season and Aiyappa Season and for 50 members on other days from 23.03.2002.


There are many lodges with modern facilities available for low rent in addition to that One Dormitary hall was Construct in west Car Street and New Thendral Bhavanam building was also constrcted in Sannathi Street thorugh this temple fund.

Transport Facilities

  • By road
  • Buses from Chennai (via Trichy,Madurai,Rajapalayam,Tenkasi) to Shencottah stop at Courtallam near Tenkasi town.

  • By Rail
  • Trains from Chennai to Shencottah Fast board at Tenkasi Railway Station.

    By Air

    Madurai Airport is the nearest airport.

Contact Address

Assistant Commissioner/Executive Officer,
Arulmigu Thirucourtrallanathaswamy Temple,
Courtallam – 627 802.
Tenkasi Taluk. Tirunelveli District.
Telephone Numbers : 04633 – 283 138 (Office) / 04633 – 283 216 (Temple)