Arulmigu Ilanjikumarar Temple Ilanji

Arulmigu Ilanjikumarar Temple
Decription Name
God Valli Devasena Sametha Arulmigu Ilanjikumarar Iruvaluka Nayagar
Goddess Arultharum Iruvulaga Eeserkiniyal
Theertham Chithra Nadhi
Sthala Vriksham Magizha maram
Agamam Maguda Agamum

Puranic Significance

Ilanji Temple front view

In this place of Ilanji and inthe river chithra theertham is the Lord Muruga along with valli&Devasena as Ilanji kumarar as per the request of Kasiba Munivar,Dhurvasa Munivar and kabila Munivar after clearing their doubts.At the time of paravathi-Parameswarars marriage when every one went to attend the marriage the Northern side lowered and southern side raised,To equalise this as per the order of Lord siva the sage Agasthia came to south and installed white sand siva lingam.It is in this temple.He gave upadesem to Agasthia Munivar.Sage Agasthiar has the credit of having changed Courtallam from the place Vaishnavam to Sivasthalam. Lord Siva has requested sage Agasthiar to go to south to set right the place when the southern part raised and northern part lowered due to people who has gathered to attend the marriage function of lord Shiva at himalayas. Sage Agasthiar reached souther part as per the request of lord shiva and came to courtallam. Courtallam was then the place of Vaishnavites and they did not allow sage Agasthiar to enter the temple .So he came to the river chithra and made sivalingam out of white sand and did pooja for that. Since white sand is called Iruvalugam in Devanagari this lord siva is called Iruvaluga Isar. In order to finish the job he has undertaken. Sage Agasthiar worshipped lord muruga.Lord Muruga Showed himself to Agasthiar and told him to go to courtallam as vaishnavite and shortened thirumal and make him kurtalanathar.Agasthiar did like that and completed his job of coming to south.

Literary Importance

Arunagiri nathar has sang about the thiru ilanji kumarar who is in Ilanji which is full of rivers and lotus in his thirupogal.

Historical Significance

In Ac 14 th Centuary Maravarman kulasekara pandian renovated this temple. In 15 th Centuary kalathia pandian who is the Zamindar of chokkampatti.Constructed.the walls arround the temple.

Special Features

temple front view

Though this temple is as Iruvaluga esar and Iruvaluga Easarkiniyal lord.Muruga along with valli&Devasena is worshipped here.Since Lord Shiva With parvathi is in this temple conducting marriage is specality here. Hence of marriages are conducted in this temple on large scale.Ilanji has also the meaning of Mahilam.Here according to request of sages.Lord Muruga is blessing people with knowledge and boons as they wish this thiruvilanjikumarar is also called varatharaja peruman.Kabilar,Dhurvasar and kasibar asked this kumaran who is in the temple which is in the Easana direction of courtallam.”Who is the real paramporul”.Lord Muruga told them Iam the paramporul and he himself called himself as varatharaja perumal.varathan means the one who gives boons to his devottees.It is to be noted that Muruga is not anavathar who came from the mothers womb but isthe avathar of lords Shivas.In “Kantharanupoothy ” of Arunagirinathar is the song that starts with “karutha marava” in the lastline of this song he sang as “varatha muruga mayilvahanane” Hence the name varatharaja perumal suits Lord Muruga.

Pooja timings

The Six time poojas Thiruvananthal, vilapoojai, kalasandhi,uchikalam, sayaratchai and arthasamam,are being done.
Morning – 6.30a.m. Nanpagal – 12.30 p.m. and Afternoon- 4.30 p.m. to Night-8.00 p.m.


Chithirai pramothsavam,Vaikasi Visagam,Navarathri,kantharshashti,Thanurpoojai.Thaipoosam and Masimagam are the festivals celebrated.


According to the scheme of Annathanam introduced by the Hon’ble Chief Minister daily at 12.00 p.m for about 50 persons are fed.

Transport Facilities

  • Temple is situated at 5 km away from Tenkasi – Shencottai high Road and 2 km away from Courtallam-Shencottai.
  • Buses are available from Tenkasi to Madurai,Tirunelveli.


Private Lodges are many for stay in Tenkasi and courtallam.


Executive Officer
Arulmigu Thiruvilanji Kumarar Temple,
Ilanji – 627 805,
Tirunelveli District.
Phone : 04633-283201
Executive Officer : 94437 75147
E – Mail :