District Collector’s Public Grievance meeting through Video Conference


Petition Register

In order to Register Public Grievances petition through ONLINE you are requested to do the following one by one :

              1. Choose the Department (related to your grievance)
              2. Enter petition details clearly
              3. Attach the supporting documents (if any)
              4. Petitioner Name
              5. Petitioner Aadhar number
              6. Petitioner Cell No
              7. Give correct village name in Tirunelveli District                                                                            (Click to Register)

GDP Meeting with District Collector through Video Conference

Terms & Conditions

                    1. The session will be opened between the stipulated time only.
                    2. Nobody will allow to enter before the starting time / after ending time
                    3. District Administration will not be liable for any technical issues at your end. (eg., power cut, cell phone network issues etc.,)
                    4. All official decorum should be maintained by public
                    5. Please wait in the virtual queue for your turn
                    6. Please be brief on your grievance and inform to District Collector on your allotted time
                    7. Don’t quit the queue before your turn.
                    8. If so, you are not allowed to re-enter the queue where you left previously

                  District Collector’s GDP meeting through VC on 25-01-2021 10:30 AM-Click Here