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As per the recent requirements of Industries this multi Skill trade consist of Basic Engineering Skill, Basic Electrical Engineering, Basic Electronics, Basic Wiring Winding, Basic Power Generation & Transmission and Basic Computer Operating Skill in One Year Broad Based Basic Training (BBBT). After the successful completion of BBBT Six month Advanced Training in Repair and Maintenance of Domestic Appliances, Repair and Maintenance of Instruments Used in Electrical Engineering, Operation & Maintenance of Equipments used in HT, LT Sub Stations and Cable Joining. Subsequently Six month Specialised Training is offered in Various Industries.

This Centre of Excellence is the fifth among the Twelve Institutions started in Tamilnadu.


After the completion of this training the trainee shall be able to handle various fitter tools and operate different machine such as drilling, Bench Grinding machines. They utilize precision measuring instruments and read machine drawings too.The trainee shall have through knowledge of, generation, transmission and distribution line, overhead different types of insulators. Earthing used in substation, power station, lighting arrestor, reactor, and different types of capacitors in AC/DC circuit used in electronic and electrical installation in industries.

Servicing and repairing of house hold equipments, AC/DC generators, transformers, electromagnetic clutches and relays used in AC/DC circuit.

They shall be able to, design prepare HT/LT panel boards used for industries / workshop. Detect Fault in different types of AC and DC starter and motor timer used in factories and workshop .They also be an expert in hand winding and machine winding of transformers, field coils of DC motors, rewinding of armature stator winding bell/Buzzer/NVC, OLC of DC starter. The trainees of this trade have an added knowledge of computer Operating skill in order to compete the present necessitate.


Can work as a lineman / Wireman /maintenance electrician electrical supervisor / electrical contractor / service technician/expert winder/ lab technician /electrical maintenance Foreman in Pvt. sector industries and govt. sector.


They can be a contractor of domestic wiring and industrial wiring and disco lighting in five star hotels. They shall be able to run his own electrical workshop. And take up oil filtration of transformer on lines. Setup own shop for rewinding of different types of AC/DC motors, generator & transformers, Panel board wiring busbar wiring and measuring instrument wiring.

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